Pasture Raised Pork

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Why is pasture raised pork better?

Our pigs eat a varied diet of pasture and locally grown, non-GMO grain. Coupled with exercise, sunshine, and plenty of room to roam, this creates superior marbled pork. These farming practices produce meat that is more flavorful and more nutritionally dense than the conventionally raised products. Pigs that eat lots of plants, rather than grain alone, have increased  Omega-3 content of the fat, and lard from pigs that have been exposed to sunlight is high in vitamin D.

Humane Treatment

We regularly move our pigs to fresh ground, which frees them to forage for a significant part of their diet and gives them room to roam. By comparison, pigs in a factory farm live their entire lives inside huge barns, standing on slatted floors, packed so tight they barely have room to lie down.