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We have barnyard chicks.  What does barnyard mean?  Well, it means we don’t know who the daddy or mommy is, but they are chickens. These chicks were hatched and raised here at Spring Creek Acres, but the eggs came from two other local homesteads.

We have taken the hassle out of chick ownership by raising them to the state of “fully feathered”.  This means they can live outside, with no brooder or heat lamps required.  Each image shows a particular chick.

The chicks are unsexed, but my farmer instincts tell me this is a roo.  The pictures are there to assist you in making a determination on your own.

They are all living outside and were born on 3/6/2020.  We have taken as many pictures as these independent-minded birds would allow.

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  • The chicks are unsexed.  The pictures are there to assist you in making a determination on your own.
  • This hatch came from two local homesteads, the genetics vary greatly.
  • After purchasing chick(s), we will set up a pickup date and contact you with the address.  We are located in Worley, Idaho, about 23 minutes south of CDA.
  • Pickup is expected within two days or additional fees (feed) may be applied or the order canceled
  • Due to COVID-19:
    • You can not come to the property and shop for the chicks
    • We will prep the chicks for transport just before your scheduled arrival time at the property
  • We cannot let you handle the chicks prior to purchase due to poultry cross-contamination
  • The chicks are healthy and ready to live outside – they are living outside now and have all experienced snow


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